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A streamlined route to Cyber Essentials compliance – developed
for Business by business cyber security experts...

We understood

As a leading authority in the field of Cyber Security, we understand the many benefits of Cyber Essentials certification for business - and also the degree of challenge most will face in the process of becoming Cyber Essentials compliant.

We listened

To representatives from the business sector so that we could better understand their needs and provide them with the best offering to support them through the Cyber Essentials process.

We consulted

With a wide range of experts across Government and Industry to share perspectives and review existing CE support platforms. We used our collective conclusions to direct our thinking about the task ahead to developing a robust and compliant process towards CE certification for business.

We collaborated

With a range of key partners: bespoke companies and specialist providers to enable us to provide our business colleagues with a comprehensive suite of high-level support systems and services.

We created

The Cyber Highway - a simple but comprehensive on-line portal, which brings together the latest in digital technology with a clearly mapped out navigational route. The unique combination of a seamless process teamed with an accessible user experience supports business at every stage of their journey towards Cyber Essential certification - and beyond.

We can help

The Cyber Highway provides companies with everything they need to enable them to achieve Cyber Essentials certification - and to manage their cyber security into the future.

'...Seamless from start to finish; The Cyber Highway portal brings all the
information and services together, so businesses can just concentrate on the road ahead'

Choose The Cyber Highway and together we can help you navigate your way swiftly and smoothly through each stage of the journey to Cyber Essentials certification – and beyond.