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Providing clarity, for companies of every size, on good basic cyber security practices...

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We know that not everyone is an expert in IT! The Cyber Highway portal adopts a refreshingly universal, inclusive approach. It is designed to encourage every business user: regardless of their company size, sector, or level of technical knowledge to be more aware - and increasingly proactive about their cyber security responsibilities - thereby reducing the risk of experiencing a devastating cyber attack.

The Cyber Highway provides a range of self-help tools and tutorials designed to outline clearly the requirements of companies seeking to achieve Cyber Essentials certification. Our clear step-by-step process guides the user systematically through every stage, highlighting key areas of potential vulnerability, and sign-posting the necessary measures to address these deficits. The Cyber Highway aims to put every company 'in the driving seat' and in full control of their own progress and development.

The intelligent design of our on-line portal guides companies smoothly through the Cyber Essentials process - from start to finish. The Cyber Highway’s integral features are acutely responsive to the needs of each individual user - from an in-built thesaurus to promote universal understanding of IT terminology, to the provision of a cyber-threat information feed. Whatever the size or scope of the company, The Cyber Highway affords businesses an accessible route to improve their cyber-resilience – and one that is refreshingly straight-forward and easy-to-use.

• A carefully planned, easy-to-navigate, low-cost - yet fully supported route to Cyber Essentials certification
• Everything you need to help you develop your Cyber Security - conveniently all in one place
• Instant answers when you need them – saving you time and money
• All the hard work of policy development made easy with our toolbox of bespoke templates and sample documents readily available to support your business operation

Built around sound quality assurance methodology, The Cyber Highway provides business users with a simple, yet robust, self-assessment process which clearly outlines key elements of good practice in cyber security and sets goals to drive continuous improvement. The Cyber Highway helps companies recognise where they are vulnerable, identify improvement routes - whilst supplying the requisite tools to help them build a more cyber-resilient business.

People are the key to the success of any business. Having robust, well-regulated systems and policies governing a company’s cyber security capability helps to:

• Instil confidence in customers, clients and other agencies in the supply chain;
• Develop the knowledge and skills of your staff so that they understand the key role they play in helping to secure your business;
• Protect your company’s reputation and ensure its continued growth through key contract acquisition in the market place.

'...we help companies wherever they are and no matter how small get on the right track with their cyber security compliance'

The Cyber Highway logo provides an accessible interface to help companies

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Patrol their cyber security landscape, simply but effectively

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Develop a holistic approach to challenges around cyber and whole-business security

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Maintain and develop policies and procedures in line with current trends in the cyber threat landscape

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Agree business priorities and define targets for development to divert potential losses from cyber attack

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Build a more secure technical infrastructure to protect your company from up to 80% of common online threats